Creative Process

The Alchemy Series

The Alchemy Series was a completely intuitive process. Rather than working from sketches and planning the work, I was led by line and colour only. I began with the rocky layers below, then into the undulations of the hills to finally rest in the alchemy of the coloured skies. A series of work coming directly from my heart.

Hoya Flowers (1st panel of a 16 panel commission)

Here in this first panel (20cmx20cm) you can see how the painting is revealed from the simple sketch and masking of the shapes of the flowers to the finished work with the sensuous form of pearl white petals contrasting with the rich pink and green surrounds.

Succulents #1 Triptych

In the following 5 videos you will see how Succulents #1 was created and the steps taken to bring it to life, helped by my loving muse Ula the schnauzer.