Give Art ~ Create Heart

I created Give Art Create Heart to align with the two things that quite simply make me really happy ~ creating art and giving to others. 


However, I don't just want to sell my art. I wish for the transaction of giving my art to continue beyond the buyer to affect change in the wider community. My buyers make the choice of how a percentage of the funds raised from the sale of my works can go towards someone or something of importance to them in their community.


The giving to keep on giving!


Give Art Create Heart is not a new idea. It's purpose is to remind us of what we already know.To practice generosity and kindness.


When you pay for your artwork, the real guarantee is that your payment does not stop when you receive your painting and that you have motivated that change by choosing to pass on your kindness to someone else.

The first example of this flow of giving was with the King Island Stories Event.  

This was a very personal project about my Father and his love for an island. By telling his story through art, it became my own story of King Island and I was able to create something positive and inspiring beyond my own grief. It was a way to stay connected to my Father, my memories of him and a place that was special to him. 


For the event, 21 artworks were created. I shared my story, sold the works, promoted other businesses aligned with the whole story and raised funds of which 50% of the profits were donated to the artistic community of King Island. I wanted it to be the community's decision on how to use those funds to add something of lasting value to their whole community at the King Island Cultural Centre.  They decided on a Printing Press which will go on to be used by all the community of King Island as well as artists in-residence visiting the Cultural Centre. This was something that could give back again and again. This is Give Art Create Heart


Available Artworks

Sold Artworks

Another recent example of Give Art Create Heart was for a much smaller artwork, called Succulent #1 which sold to an individual buyer who when she understood the purpose of Give Art Create Heart decided to pay almost double for the artwork, so she could pass on the giving to someone in her life who she wanted to help personally. Here is the beautiful letter I later received;


Dear Katie,

Thank you for my beautiful Succulents paintings. I have watched them come to life from a elegant sketch to the finished piece and they will have a special place in my home. I couldn’t think of a nicer birthday gift to myself. 


I was thrilled to learn that through your philosophy of giving art to create heart 20% of what we paid for the paintings would go to a charity of my choice. I hadn’t realised this at the time. Choosing my charity was simple. I chose the ‘Ehlers-Danlos Society’. A dear friend was diagnosed with this a few years ago. She has suffered. I had not heard of ‘EDS’ before this time.   


Katie, I am so grateful for the opportunity to help in some small way by purchasing your beautiful paintings. I know that my friend and the ‘Ehlers-Danlos Society’ will be very grateful also. Thank you for doing what you do and for using your incredible gift of art to give to others. You are an inspiration. Nina x


(shared with permission)