King Island Stories Event

August 2016

In keeping with the Katie Ravich Art philosophy of Give Art-Create Heart $5000 in proceeds from the evening has been donated to the King Island Cultural Centre to foster the future vision of the creative community of King Island. See how the King Island Cultural Centre invested this donation. 


Guests enjoyed the selection of premium King Island beef, seafood, cheeses and Tasmanian wines showcased in a King Island Grazing Menu created especially by The Public Cammeray served throughout the evening.  

King Island Produce Partners

King Island Seafood

King Island Seafood supply Lobster, abalone, oysters, eel, king crab, shark and crayfish so big they seem like they’re from another planet.


All of King Island Seafoods’ catch is sold before it even gets to shore, but it’s worth a visit to the dock to check out the gigantic crabs.

King Island Dairy

Founded in the early 1900's,  King Island Dairy are producers of award winning and world class speciality cheese and dairy products.   Among their most popular products are soft white, blue vein, washed rind and cheddar cheese.

Pressing Matters

Pressing Matters is a small, family-owned Tasmanian vineyard producing award winning Rieslings and Pinot Noir.   


Situated in the Coal River Valley, a short drive from Hobart.

King Island Long Table Festival

Join the King Island Long Table Festival for a weekend of picking cooking and eating fine King Island Produce.


24-26 February 2017 - 3 days of food, friends & fun.  Read the beautiful story behind the King Island Long Table Festival now in it's 10th year in 2017.

King Island Beef

King Island Beef King Island Beef is proudly sourced from cattle raised exclusively on King Island.


The clean, natural and pristine farming environment of King Island is perfect for producing tender, juicy and full flavoured beef that is unlike any other.


King Island Sea Salt

Hand harvesting and making sea salt, from the pristine clean sea water of Bass Strait.


Roast Garlic Sea Salt

Sea Salt with added Seaweed

Sea Salt with Chilli (hot)

King Island Mountain Pepper Berry 

King Island Stories Event Gallery

The Artworks

Guest Speakers

Guests Enjoying the Art

Food & Wine