The Printing Press

Hi Everyone,


I have very exciting news to share with you that I hope will give you heart that what you contribute does make a difference somewhere else. 


You will remember supporting the King Island Stories Event way back in August 2016. Yes it has been a long time! But believe me, it is worth waiting for!


By supporting this event - through buying a ticket, purchasing my artwork, contributing beautiful produce and frankly making the time in your busy lives to turn up and hear my story - I was able to donate $5000 to the King Island Arts and Cultural Centre as my way of contributing to the artistic practice of a place that was very close to my Father’s heart.


 Read my Father's story here.


With such a generous donation to consider, it took the KI community some time to decide what to do with this gift.


I wanted it to be something of lasting value to the KI community and be their choice.


Just in the last months they decided on the purchase of a Printing Press. The press is suitable for linocut, etching and collagraph print making techniques.  All these skills have been taught through Basil Hall's and Andrew and Dianne Blake's workshops.


The continuation of training and further workshops are even more exciting as the new press allows for greater flexibility. The print size can also be increased. Having the press on hand at the Arts and Cultural Centre will allow for other print makers to demonstrate more techniques. The options and outcomes are limitless. 


A visiting printmaker who attended Basil Hall's last workshop, Kate Gorringe Smith is facilitating a project that brings focus to the plight of the migratory birds that travel from the arctic regions to southern Tasmania and King Island. Kate will return and run more workshops and the King Island artists will be part of the exhibitions. 

I have affectionately named the press “BOB” after my Father. He would have had a chuckle about that.


It just so happened that the press has been put straight into action! On the day of the Printing Press Party a few weeks ago to welcome “BOB”, a visiting printmaker dropped in.


In the words of Dianne Blake, mentor and artist on KI who has been helping me facilitate all of this; 


Gerry Greene has been wonderful. He is a visiting printmaker and artist that popped in that Saturday we were having our gathering. We were meeting  to discuss further workshops and development of the printing program and see it in motion. He met all the printmakers/ artists  that day and has been helping set up the workspace. He is here for 4 months. Marvellous timing.                                                  Dianne Blake February 2018


We did it! Thank you for your support!


Katie Ravich

February 2018